Benefits of the WordPress Platform (CMS)


About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems that the user can install and start for free. The unique features of these content management systems make it the most popular among the others. WordPress is a platform that is being used by a person who is just starting blogging as well as by the most popular websites at the commercial level.

Benefits of the WordPress Platform

WordPress has many advantages as compared to other CMS. We will have a look at the benefits of using WordPress in this article.

1. Best Fit for SEO

Websites that are built using WordPress are SEO friendly. This is the biggest advantage to rank your sites high. So if you are willing to start blogging, WordPress is the best option to build your blogs.

2. Flexibility

Another benefit of using WordPress is the flexibility. This means that you can customize your website according to your needs very easily. This can be done using WordPress plugins. These plugins provide more functionality and advanced options to the user to customize their sites.

3. User-Friendly

WordPress is very user-friendly. It gives you very easy options to customize the websites according to the needs and requirements of the user. There is no need for custom coding on a large scale, you just need to perform some clicks and drag and drops to customize your website.

4. Extending Functionality

Once the website is built on WordPress, this does not mean that you cannot add more functionalities to the previous one. Instead, you have very easy options/methods to extend the functionality of your website by just installing some plugins that provide more functionality for your website.

5. Responsive Websites

A WordPress built website does not need media queries to make it responsive to different devices like mobiles or tablets. WordPress’s built website will be responsive to all the media devices. It gives a sigh of relief to the developer of the website from extra hard work.

6. Built-in Blogs in WordPress

WordPress has various features that make the content management system simple. One of these is built-in blogs that can be gotten to from any gadget, whenever, with the goal that users who need to add a blog to their site don’t need to make one independently.

Since WordPress is free and open-source, it’s upheld by the WordPress community far and wide. The WordPress people group likewise takes part in a lot of effort to users, facilitating WordPress camps the world over and supporting the development of nearby WordPress user communities. WordPress is utilized by more than 30 percent of CMS-based websites around the world, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. WordPress makes the basic tools for building a website accessible to any user, not simply experienced web designers, but also for the beginners as well. WordPress provides many other features to develop different kinds of websites from a small blog to a complete E-Commerce website.

In building a WordPress site, you need to purchase web hosting that supports WordPress. This will assist you to save your time and get to your WordPress dashboard through your account. These are some of the highlights of the benefits of using WordPress to build your website. These features are enough to convince users to use this content management system to build websites.

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