Terror Threat to Team India


The security of the Indian cricket team is being increased after getting threats through an anonymous letter claim. This letter has been received in the NIA (National Investigation Authority). The NIA has forwarded the letter details to the Board of Control for Cricket India (BCCI). The NIA also instructed the police to increase the security of the Indian Cricket Team after the threat.

This letter also contains the names of Indian Prime Minister (PM) Modi and some other politicians. The Indian cricket team is under serious threat after all this, especially captain Virat Kohli is under serious threat and there are chances that he might be targeted by the terror groups.

The BCCI has been informed about this terror threat and NIA has advised the board about all the situations.

Remember that the Indian cricket team has a scheduled series with Bangladesh containing 3 T20 internationals and 2 test matches series. The series is going to start from November 3, 2019. Both teams will play the first T20 match of the series on Sunday.

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