The 2-minute challenge of Jacinda Ardern goes viral on social media


The PM of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern shared a video of her own achievements as head of the state during the last two years. This video got viral on the internet and social media and was shared and commented widely.

As other political parties are using social media to gain popularity among the people and to reach out to the people. So the same thing was followed by the PM of New Zealand on social media. Jacinda Ardern shared a video of her achievements on her facebook page.

She was challenged to do so by her team to do it within 2 minutes, but she finished it off with 2 minutes and 56 seconds. After that, her video got viral and got almost 7500 (7.5K) comments and 46K (46000) shares on social media.

It is also stated that now facebook is going to ban political ads on facebook. This has been said by the facebook owner Zuckerberg that he is considering to ban political ads. Let see what’s next.

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