TikTok Crossed Facebook and Instagram by hitting 1.5 Billion Downloads


TikTok has recently crossed 1.5 billion downloads around the world, turning into the third most downloaded app in 2019. TikTok has overseen 614 million unique downloads, Messenger is at second spot with 636.2 million, and WhatsApp is at the top with 707.4 million. Facebook is presently at fourth spot with 587 million and Instagram is essentially behind with 376.2 million.


The report originates from SensorTower’s most recent examination, which shows that TikTok has crossed Facebook and is presently behind WhatsApp and Messenger as far as all-out downloads. In any case, this just incorporates downloads from the Google Play Store and App Store and does exclude outsider downloads in China where the application is very mainstream. TikTok hit the 1 billion imprint in under 2.5 years and created 500 million introduces this year. India was the fundamental driver of these downloads, with 31% of all-out exceptional introduces originating from this area. China came in second, creating 173.2 million unique downloads that made up 11.5% of the aggregate. The United States had the third most downloads for the app, making up 8.2%.


The genuine test for TikTok will be tied in with keeping up its situation as the third most well-known application on the planet for 2020. We’ll need to keep a watch out how it performs one year from now. The user going through this year was a sum of $115.3 million, with the figures cresting at $18.2 million in October.

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